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    Plastic machinery industry leader
    10 years engaged in the design production sales
    New Products
    Vision professional manufacturing
    Why choose a vision!
    10 years
    Quality assurance
    Good quality "build" good quality
    4 advantages of the future machinery
    10 years mechanical manufacturer
    Yuanjing Is a production, sales as one of the enterprises
    Yuanjing Advanced technology, high automation
    10 years of professional machinery manufacturers
    Strong team, large-scale modern factory building
    Advanced machinery and equipment
    Advanced equipment and exquisite workmanship
    Yuanjing Quality first customer
    Production and sales of machinery and equipment
    Maintenance machinery
    Processing machinery parts
    10 years of professional machinery manufacturers
    The company implements the quality first, the new artificial
    Everything we do
    “Only for customer satisfaction”!
    About Us
    Dongguan Yuanjing Machinery Co., Ltd. is one of the machine peripheral equipment industry pioneer. Adhering to the European technology concept, gathered from the R & D team for many years in the field of business excellence, specializing in plastic molding auxiliary equipment and various machinery accessories R & D, design, manufacturing, sales and service. The central feeding machine production and sales, mold temperature machine, dryer, dehumidifier, scrap machine, suction machine equipment and accessories, has been widely used in the production of products in all walks of life. For example: auto parts, electronic connectors, precision electronic parts, toys, medical equipment, environmental protection and baby products, optical lenses, household appliances and other industries are widely used. Advanced machinery company has been adhering to the "customer first, quality service tenet and excellence, the pursuit of excellence and entrepreneurial spirit, innovation, broaden the field, the introduction of advanced equipment, technology and management. In order to win the favor of the vast majority of customers warehousing mode of operation.
    Dongguan vision Machinery Co., Ltd.

    Mr. Feng: 134-5005-2033

    Telephone: 0769-85642465

    Dongguan city Changan town sand Fukang Street No. 8
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